Meet Sunshine!!

sunshine foster dog
Sunshine on intake

Sunshine is an adorable crusty “little” mastiff mix we have taken into our foster care program.



Sunshine after one week.  sunshine one week

Sunshine after 2 weeks!
Sunshine after 2 weeks!



Lilly: a special needs great dane

Lilly, great daneWe have accepted a new “special needs” baby into the foster program! Meet Lilly, she needs your donations and/or sponsorship.

We found Lilly when we received a phone call from a tearful shelter volunteer, who told us they had picked up a great dane as a stray, and that she was one of the nicest dogs she had ever met. The catch was that Lilly has a contagious tumor. It’s an easily treated, even easier to prevent disease, so poor Lilly should have never ended up like this in the first place. At this point the treatment is long and expensive, but with a face like this, how could we say no?

Please donate to help us help her. Our vet estimates her cost of care will be around $1500.00. Once treatment is finished she will be 100% healthy and adoptable! We can literally make all the difference between life and death for this girl!!!